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surf photo session cordoama

surfguide algarve barrel

Surf friends,

Here in the Algarve we are surrounded by surfers, friends and relatives. If someone comes driving to the beach in a not-rental car, the chance is very big you know the surfer. Mainly because there are many spots to chose the vibe is usually really good. (Of course when the conditions get tricky and everyone goes to the same beach it sometimes gets a little edgy…)
Anyway normally when we go on our surfguide missions we surf before the rest of the world gets out and we have more than enough space to surf. Just like this day:

conditions surf cordoama

The conditions for surf in cordoama didnt look epic, but with no one out, almost 0 wind and a backdrop like this, who wouldnt have gone out?

surfers on beach cordoama

The only surfers on beach cordoama…

Special morning,

We met up with a friend of mine, Tristan from Portugalsurfshots who is very active shooting surfers in the region. He had a free morning and was keen to shoot some pictures.

surfguide algarve surf turn

Surfguide algarve signature surf turn with arms always mixed up. 

surfguide algarve barrel

surfguide algarve in the barrel! Thats what you get when you combine two passions together. Very stoked with this session. 

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