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Surf Tonel with French company

tonel surfer

Surf Tonel,

Its always nice to mix up surfspots. In the Algarve we have so many different beaches and breaks. The waves can be small on the one beach and big on the other. Us surfers are usually looking for the perfect in between. Not too small, not too big. Today we got lucky on our surf guide adventure towards Tonel.

tonel surf view

tonel surf view. Its funny, it seems that always when you make a nice picture of a person the ocean misbehaves.

tonel surf

This looks a little better doesnt it?

French surfer,

Currently I have a guest visiting me for the 4th time I believe. She is actually from Germany and is one of the most dedicated surfers I know, Its epic to have someone coming back like this and creating a friendship. This day we took one more guest on board of the adventure. A french kid of 16 years young:

tonel surfer

God i wish I was 16. We surfed for about 2 hours and together with the waves getting a little smaller and the crowds getting a little chaotic I was done. But when your 16 years old that is not an option. He surfed for at least another hour. Very stoked. 

uwe clube surfboard shaper

On the way back we visited my friend uwe clube The surfboard shaper from this region. Picked up a board from repair, breathed in some chemicals and shared a nice story. Super fun surfing adventure!

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