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Surf Beliche and sweets

surf beliche

Surf Beliche,

Every surf adventure starts with a very detailed studie on forecasts, tide charts, phone calls and: Of course, a visit on the local supermarket or bakery for fresh Pastel da Nata.

pastel da nata surfguide
Todays score was at the local intermarche. 

The day before we surfed Tonel and had quite a magic surf. With the same guests on board with now very high expectations the pressure was on. The surf forecast looked a little bigger than the day before. This opens a few more options but I put my bet on Beliche.

surf beliche
This photo does not really do any justice on how the surf actually was. We got in at the perfect tide but it was on the absolute maximum of the level of most surfers. (sometimes good overhead with barrels and very steep drops.) 


I really like to share my passion for surfing. And I do not mind writing a blog for my website so you can see how a surfguide adventure looks like, and keep mr. Google happy. With that I post a daily picture on my instagram (#surfguidealgarve if you didnt already follow me.) The night after this amazing surf at Beliche me and my girlfriend got invited for dinner.
To kill some time I did what most people do nowadays. scroll down on Instagram. And there I was! Trying to disappear from view.

surf beliche instafamous
after surf celebration dinner algarve
No need to say that the after surf celebration dinner was a great succes…
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