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Around the corner of Zavial

zavial surf barrel

Good time for surfing,


November so far has been epic for surf. Big swells, good wind and unfortunately also a lot of sunshine. Why is sun not good? Well obviously we also like sunny surf sessions. But for some reason it is always more crowded when it is sunny. Who can explain me why?

right from zavial left on the wave

Right from zavial left on the wave… mr. Surfguide Algave working on his backside turns.

Epic days,

I always say my surf was epic. Well, almost always. Anyway, for me to have an epic session it doesn´t need to be overhead and barrels. The vibe is sometimes more important than the surf. (thrust me that there can be very good quality surf with a very edgy vibe when it gets busy.)
We had one of those possible epic days coming up. Big swell, little wind, a massive period… It was very promising. We went on a surfguide adventure in the morning to try to beat the crowds a little bit and got extremely lucky.

zavial surf barrel

zavial surf barrel. We got this place for ourselves for a good hour. When it really turned on the boogieboard crew swapped places with us and showed how to manhandle a real barrel. Not often did I see waves like this anywhere in the world. 

surfguide november sun

Surfguide warming up in the november sun.

zavial surf right

And one to close the story. 

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