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One day west, to Arrifana!

arrifana surf beach

Arrifana surf,

November has been good for surfing so far. We have had a lot of good size swells and good waves. With the bigger swells we hide most of the time on the South coast. The wind is usually offshore and the waves a little bit more manageable.
Team surfguide algarve still had the stoked french guy on board who really likes some bigger surf. So with the forecast for one day looking not too massive we went west.

arrifana surf

Are you sure it is not a little bit small? Said my french friend after seeing the whole bay of arrifana close out on a big set.

arrifana surfer turn

We went first to check on another spot but it was a good call to go to Arrifana. Lucky for us it was not so busy and the waves were super good.

Good vibes only,

Back in the day (like a little over two years ago already…lol) I was teaching7 instructing a lot on arrifana. Usually that meant walking down with a lot of foam boards, cooler boxes, first aid kid, flags etc. Wait for the other schools to finish, to start your lesson, blabla it was not fun. In those days I would see good waves for the full 3 hours that we were teaching. And than as kind of a miracle, as we had lunch break the waves would disappear. Today I did see all my surf buddies on the beach, catched up with everyone a little bit, but mainly just surfed all the waves I could.

arrifana surfer

arrifana surf beach

We surfed until we could not paddle any more and did the long walk back up the hill. Stoked as always!

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