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zavial dream surf

surf zavial barrel set up

Surf zavial,

Many times I get asked what my favorite beach is. Usually I just respond that I like every beach where the waves are best. Most of the time the conversation stops here. Sometimes they keep questioning: And if you need to pick one? I would probably say J-Bay South Africa. But honestly, looking back on all my “good” surfs, zavial scores a lot of times. The Algarve surf is just so different every day it is impossible to pick one spot.

surf zavial dramy
One of those dreamy mornings at zavial. 

Go hard or go home,

Whenever the waves in zavial are getting over a certain hight, the carpark can still be packed but the line up will be empty. This wave really lights up when its a little bit bigger and its not uncommon to see a broken board.

surf zavial broken board
Crushed dream by zavial.
surf zavial barrel set up
surf zavial barrel set up by surfguide algarve.
surf zavial off the lip
Our good friend Sergio at zavial off the lip.
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