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Sweet waves and sweet patatos at monte clerigo

monte clerigo surf good turn

Monte Clerigo surf,

Possibly the most pitoresc surf spot of our region, Monte Clerigo is a post card like spot. That being said, its very far away from where we live and the waves are tricky to forecast. Often there are big rips and the sand banks can shift from day to day. No wonder its never super busy out here.

longboard barrel
Our ‘uncle’ Kasper showing how to surf Monte Clerigo with style. 

Tricky surf,

This day was kind of special. Yeah Yeah every day is I know, but even more special than other special days. Today we had a small group of friends (3) over to join us to the yearly Sweet Patato festival or ‘Batata dolce’. An amazing local event with a lot of good food, nice people, music and local stuff. And how good if we could combine that with a little surf to boost our apatite a little bit.

new surfboard backside monte clerigo
It was also my first session with my new surfboard. I had some really nice ones but nothing compared what I saw going on around me.
monte clerigo surf good turn
monte clerigo surf good turn.
monte clerigo surf
Our friend and adopted uncle Kasper is one of the best guys on a longboard. And he charges, 

Sweet patato time!

After a heavy surf we got out and went to the Batata Dolce Festival. One of the biggest events in the Algarve and absolutly a must go if you are in the region. For me as surfguide its epic to share this kind of stuff as well. We got to eat: Deer, black pig, wild rabbit and octopus.

batata dolce festival
batata dolce festival, it is not getting any better than this. 
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