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Arrifana surf

arrifana surf

King of good vibes,

Some days are just super tricky. To big for the west coast, to small for the south, windy… Whatever the cause, Arrifana will have the answer. There is almost always a surfable wave in Arrifana. As a surfguide I hardly ever go to Arrifana unless there is just no other way. Reason being: its a super fun spot but often very crowded as well.

arrifana surf swell

arrifana surf swell with a good number of takers. Positive side: no wave go unridden, even the close outs. 

If you know you´re gonna surf together with a lot of others its best to bring your best behaviour. Good vibes rule the world especially in the line up. Its just incredible how many familiar faces I ran into that day, it felt almost like a surf festival.

arrifana surf

Beat this view…

Good waves, good surfers & good photographers,

not arrifana

This picture isnt in arrifana bit I just didnt ever see a camera this size before on the beach. There were a few famous names in the water who made us all feel like kittens. Very inspirational and very stoked to see a level of surfing like that right next to you.

arrifana surf turn

And is makes me surf a little harder as well. Mr. surfguide Algarve on a nice hit to close the wave, and the story.

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