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Tonel winter surf

tonel surf wave

Tonel surf,

When do you show up at Tonel. A very fragile spot with sometimes epic surf and sometimes the biggest rips, wind and shifty board breaking waves. That being said, it can be super fun to share some good size waves in between the beautiful cliffs of the algarve. There is something special sitting next to that super old fort on the left and the lighthouse in the distance.

tonel heavy wave
tonel heavy wave.

First surfer out,

Surfguiding every day gets us in tune with the moods of the ocean and very often at the right spot at the right time. Today it was time for sagres.

tonel surfer
Our surfguide guest walking back in at the rip at Tonel. 

We got at the beach just at the right moment. The swell was pulsing and there was just no wind. We paddled out as the first ones and got rewarded with beautiful waves. I focussed on the lefts while my surf buddy was surfing the rights.

tonel surf wave
tonel surf wave left…

Stoked as always,

surfguide algarve happy
surfguide algarve happy


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