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Porto de Mos Ladies surf

Porto de Mos surf,

Sometimes when the swell is big enough and missis Surfguide has a day off we go and play in the usually somewhat smaller waves at Porto de Mos. If there is guiding action that usually means that Annemarie (missis surfguide) is missing out on the surf action cause we will go and find some bigger waves. Not this time do.

surfcar porto de mos

Our surfguide algarve surfcar parked at the money spot at porto de mos.

Friendly wave request,

Today we had a request from a girl who wanted to surf some friendly waves. The timing for this was good beceause a big swell was about to hit our coast (again,)

porto de mos surf beach

porto de mos surf beach.

longboard action porto de mos

Our friend with ome longboard action at porto de mos.

Mellow vibes,

If I would say the conditions were epic I would simply lie. Well saying that, Annemarie got possibly one of the best sessions ever on her 8ft foamy. The surfguide guest was shredding as well. I was constantly hoping the waves would pick up a little (but it didn´t.) All together we had a super fun mellow surf and everyone was happy.

surf girl porto de mos

surf girl porto de mos

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