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little dream surf trip to cordoama

cordoama surf

Dream surf trip,

Close your eyes, and think of your dream surf trip. Ok, ok, you are right, you would surf in boardshorts and get so barreled that you wish there was a section for turns. Well that´s why i said Little dream surf trip. In my dream I would have a Jeep Renegade. A white one. No they are not good for the invironment, nor are they very practical. Especially not the white one. But is a hell of a good looking fourwheeler and a good surf car.

dream surf car

dream surf car?

fin surfer,

The guest today is from Finland. He was already pretty stoked to see direct sunlight and was very surprised of the temperature in the morning. (we left around 8 and it was 2 degrees on one of those signs.)
While we drove the dream surf jeep I got to know my new friend a little and hoped the waves were nice and small like the forecast promised.

cordoama surf guide

Valuable spot information. Here I explain where the rocks are, where is the channel in case the waves would pick up and where to sit and catch waves. 

Log surf cordoama

I almost wish I had a Log to surf cordoama this morning. But with no one out and my guest on a big malibu the stoke was high and we went for it.

cordoama surf small wave

cordoama surf small wave

cordoama surf

And a good surf dream wouldnt be complete without a decent surf photographer. Portugalsurfshots aka our friend Tristan was on the beach to shoot some surf photos. As the sun got higher and the waves picked up a little more and more people found their way to the beach. But there can only be one who was first 🙂 At the right spot at the right time, like always! Stoked!

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