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Girls surf Lagos!

lagos surfgirl

Surfgirls rule!

A girl, a surfboard, waves… What more can you dream off. Right?

lagos surf girl

Beautiful small waves in Lagos. It does not happen very often but when it all comes together we celebrate it like we should.

These waves have usually a little less power and because of that are a lot more beginner friendly. We had a vip-guest for a week who had mastered the basics, knew all the rules and was ready to practice on her own. So the small waves at meia praia was all we wanted.

surf car lagos

Pretty bright light for a january morning!!!

lagos surfgirl

With no one else in the water and small waves to practice it was a beginner dream morning.

Meia praia offers more than just nice waves,

If you are reading this and you are not a surfer (or my mom). And you think, wow what a cool way of spending your time, but you just do not like to get your hair salty and feet wet…Its hard to imagine but possible! Email us anyway! we can show you all around the algarve, guide you to the best coffee places, viewing points and other incredible spots. (but do not be surprised if I take a surfboard and jump in for a little bit.)

beach treasures

beach treasures.

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