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Vip session to Amoreira

amoreira beach life

Amoreira so pretty…

A few years ago the beach of Amoreira close to Aljezur got chosen to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Now I honestly would have a hard time being that judge. I like a beach especially when the waves are good. Well…the backdrop can help, a little bit…maybe.
These last days of January I had a very special guest. She wanted to see all the most beautiful corners of the algarve.

amoreira beach life

amoreira beach life in January…

Good surf!

That the surf at Amoreira can be super good is no secret. What is a secret is when its good. And the answer of that secret is known only by the ocean. And maybe a few local dudes who surf the beach every day and check it more often than that.
When we missioned down to Amoreira I was not expecting much, but when we arrived I got a very happy surfprise. The wind a touch offshore. The sun shining on the water making the waves super glassy and beautiful lines rolling over perfect sandbanks. Obviously I did not take any time to make a picture to make this story more believable. What I did made way more sense. Never got into my wet wetsuit as soon as that time (waves here can be gone in minutes.) and got out and surfed my brains out.

amoreira surf a frame

amoreira surf a frame.

amoreira surf right

amoreira surf right.

These two pics are taken after my surf when the wind switched a little bit onshore. And my arms were starting to fall off.

after surf lunch

When we finally got back home a super nice lunch in the sun was all we needed to make this day even better.

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