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Small wave surf at porto de mos!

surfguide small wave porto de mos

Small wave search (day 1)

A father and daughther from the region of cornwall contacted us already a few months ago. They stay in the Algarve for a week to get their paddle fitness up for their surf trip to Sri Lanka. One thing is for sure: If there is one place in the world you can get paddle fit it is the algarve. But they actually want to surf some smaller waves. Missis surfguide algarve was very happy with that news and got her board ready straight away.

surfcar porto de mos
Our surfcar at porto de mos where beautiful waves rolilng in.
beach porto de mos
beach porto de mos

Miss surfguide shredding,

As the first ones on the parking, there was just no wind and the conditions looked amazing.

porto de mos surfguide
porto de mos surfguide small wave mission.

We all got some real fun waves. One person who absolutely stood out and catched wayyy more waves than normal was Miss surfguide Algarve was really tuned in the waves and having the time of her life.

surfguide small wave porto de mos
surfguide small wave porto de mos.
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