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don´t go right left from zavial…

zavial barrel

Left from zavial,

Left from zavial there is a small beach that we only surf a few times a year. A few times a year the swell direction is good, the swell is big enough but not too big. And if everything comes together, the wind and the tides are in our favour. If we have very experienced surfers on board. Than but only than, with a lot of luck we surf: Ingrina.

zavial left drop
This place is possibly one of the most rippy spots I ever surfed. The drops are heavy and only when you´re really dedicated, had enough coffee and feel ready you´ll have a good time here. 

This is a super special day. One of my friends from long time is visiting our region for a bit and he was in the water with us.

zavial left
Mr surfguide in his element. Our guest, (an american dude who surfed since he was little, today on a Pyzel Ghost 6´2 after a few heavy days in Carcavellos and Ericeira earlier this week,) He was super stoked and had a few bombs as well. 

Big barrels,

zavial left barrel
Mr. Surfguide in the barrel. 
zavial barrel
hows that for a barrel?

There are not many days that everything comes together like this. My girlfriend who took the sick photos, Super nice sunny weather, friends and good surfing guest on board. Today was one of those days we will not forget very soon.

zavial left turn
Here a sweet turn of our friend to close the story. 


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