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Praia da Luz, valentines perfection

praia da luz surf coffee

Love the ocean, love praia da luz,

After a super heavy session at Ingrina the day before and Valentines day ahead it would make sense to sleep in for once. But the ocean needs some loving too right? With a super keen guest from the USA (good surfer as well) we decided we could sleep in some other day as well. Instead of sleeping in we set our allarmes at ridiculous a clock and picked up our guest for our first light mission at praia da luz.

praia da luz vintage surfcouple

Here´s a polaroid picture made by our guest from mr. and miss. Surfguide Algarve. The vintage camera from the 70´s (what he found in a box of his mothers stuff, is even older than our car.) 

praia da luz local crab

praia da luz local crab.

If you are reading this now and planning your trip to Portugal and think you can just surf luz whenever you like, I have to disappoint you. The spot obviously does not always work and you really have to take into account that this spot has a very small take off zone. This sometimes results in a little crabbie vibes in the line up. Something we like to stay far away from if we can. Valentines day fell on a weekday and we got lucky and surfed it with only a handful of guys out.

Fun waves,

praia da luz good waves

With the wind blowing up the face we got small barrels / cover ups, what I learned is called ´Chapalindas´ what is kind of translated to ´little shower´. The weather was amazing and with the waves being as they were I do not think a morning can get any better. 

Me and the missis shared some party waves. question: whats more romantic than sharing a wave on valentines day… right?

praia da luz surf

praia da luz surf.

After we got out of the water we had a nice coffee and saw the rest of the world waking up and getting ready to take over our spot in the water.

praia da luz surf coffee

praia da luz surf coffee

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