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Zavial get together

mr surfguide algarve on a nice avial wave

Zavial surf,

Some days just ask for zavial. With a whole day off and weekend for annemarie as well what to do but surf and score good waves? Unfortunately no small waves on offer for miss surfguide algarve. No worries, the foamy stayed in the rack and the camera got taken instead.

zavial surfer backhand

zavial surfer backhand, this is my south african surfer buddy on a nice one earlier in the session. We arrive and there was only one other (van) parked. My friends from the Netherlands and writers from the travel guide I love the seaside. My buddy told me he would not be long befind us. I love to be the first one out and kind of expected that there would be more people rocking up. 

mr surfguide algarve on a nice avial wave

mr surfguide algarve on a nice zavial wave.

Summer vibes almost summer crowds,

The surf was really fun. The angle seemed perfect and the wind offshore. Only one little problem. It being algarve and sunny, around 10-11 o clock all the lazy surfers starting to come to the beach. Also today. The first half of the session we surfed only with a handful of guys.

my friend GJ from I love the seaside on a nice zavial wave

my friend GJ from I love the seaside on a nice zavial wave.

zavial jord

Here is Jord as he is making a voice message for me to give an update that zavial is nice clean and offshore but with a few people on the point he finally sees miss surfguide algarve, annemarie. 

zavial turn

My signiture move, mixing the hands up but a little spray 🙂

Afterwards we had coffee with the whole crew with no shirt on and really wondered if it got any better than this. STOKE!

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