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last session at zavial

zavial surfing stal

Zavial shredding,

Finally zavial again! Stoked! It may sound funny but for winter we have not surfed zavial very often. We love that spot do, most of all because when its on it can get really good.

zavial almost close out

zavial almost close out. Our friend trying our his brand new surfboard and loving the offshore conditions and steep drops. A close out is just a real fast wave remember!!

surf zavial small wave

surf zavial small wave. Because he bigger set closing out so nothing wrong with catching a small right runner, right?

Uncertain times,

With the corono virus spreading faster than anyone can imagine and as a result all the european countries closing their borders, the portuguese government has now announced to close the beaches. Closing all the beaches of Portugal. It seems almost impossible, it seems like not everyone is obaying these rules. But as we do not want to put the life of others in danger by not listening to the rules, we decide to stop our surfguide actions until further notice.

zavial dark

You can imagine we are also not feeling happy about this. But its time we start thinking about tomorrow. stay positive stay healthy. Before we know it we will be back on it and get another wave like this:

zavial surfing stal

zavial surfing stal

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