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Lockedown covid-19, no surf, no fun?

no surf algarve

Locked down, stay home!

´Nothing can stop me from surfing´ ,´a whole lot needs to happen to keep me from the beach´ Things I possibly and probably said before. No one could ever imagine what was about to come. Having a great time in februari, spending some days off with some friends, preparing for a real busy time surfguiding. The planning was full, guests super stoked to come. Waves were pumping, All looked fine.

surf guide algarve
surf guide algarve in action.

All looked fine, but this changed super quick. Missis surfguide algarve was on a family visit while things started to change drasticaly. The corona virus or Covid-19 started to show her dangerous symptoms across the whole world. Portugal did not take any risks and decided to lock down the country. Annemarie flew back a day early to be sure not to be stuck in Holland. (Surf wise this would have been better for herm but I do love her company during these long boring days.)

street surf algarve
street surf algarve.

Street surfing,

The longest period of not surfing the last few years is probably about 7 days during christmas. A time were many other things take place for my daily activity and pretty much the thing I live for and from. The first week was a real pain in the ass. With some guests still in the Algarve but not allowed to surf anymore it was super difficult. After they all had gone back to their home countries things slowed down.
I picked up my skateboard for the first time in 18 years:

no surf algarve
no surf algarve.

Purple and blue.

While I am writing this I really almost threw my skateboard in the bushes. I am full with scars, wounds and blue spots. The other day I even got chased of like a 16 year old by the police. (what was kinda funny to be honest.)
I really, really hope things calm down sooner than later and we can at least surf again.

skate algarve
skate algarve


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