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Dear algarve ocean, we miss you very much

algarve surf wave offshore

No surf, challenging time

So, no surf. Normally that means there will be windsurf or kite right? jeah right. Nothing of that for a long time. Portugal beaches are closed. We are all locked inside our houses. Us and the rest of the world. Its covid-time. Time to think about where we stand, where we come from and where we want to go. A challenging time for everyone. Not surfing, not guiding left me with a lot of time. A lot of time and a lot of energy.

surfguide algarve woodwork

Note: as a sort of professional waterman I can also tell its better not to use flipflops while working with a chainsaw… Dont worry I still have 5 toes on each side. with some cuts, splinters and blue spots. 

Go out and explore,

That the region we live in is beautiful we already knew of course. But honestly after one and a half year on this spot we had not really seen much of our direct environment. A lot of time makes a lot of dogwalks. And a lot of dogwalks makes for new tracks:

miss surfguide algarve exploring

miss surfguide algarve exploring. in the distance you can actually see the Alvor Lagoon where we normally go for kitesurfing. 

algarve tube seeker

Surfguide algarve tube seeker, even with a lack of water. On a skateboard. 

Missing mother ocean,

As time moves on and the 3th period of state of emergency has started we really start to miss mother ocean. Its one thing not to surf for the good cause. But not surfing for over a month is crazy.

algarve surf wave offshore

algarve surf wave offshore dreamwave. 


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