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Algarve in Lockdown

algarve streetart

No surf during Lockdown,

While the surf was pumping, it was also strictly forbidden to even enter the beach. The days seem to have more hours when you do not surf. I never thought of it like this, but: Checking the forecast, getting ready, driving to te beach, sometimes check another spot, surf for about 2 hours. Get changed again, talk about your session with your surf buddies, drive back home. Stop at the supermarket for late lunch. Now it´s more like: Is it already time for lunch?

algarve skateboard

Algarve 15 minute skateboard session in the backyard. Is it already lunchtime?

Local treasures,

Of course there are a 1001 unfinished projects that a man can pick up whenever he has to much time on his hands. I painted the living, bathroom and kitchen. Planted new stuff in our veggie garden. Picked up Portuguese lessons again. Work out like a hulk. (also eat like one, lol), and we just try to see the treasures of every day.

algarve streetart

Stoked finding some Algarve street art on our way to a friend in need. (we dropped home baked cookies and oranges & lemons from the garden.) 

algarve local transport

algarve local transport. Some people actually always live with a lot of time on their hands. if you have a lot of time 45km\ph is plenty, and what if you can do it in style with one of these?

algarve local bird

Pretty sure this little guy is not much affected by the whole planet turning on a different pace by corona. 

World upside down,

Normally I get a lot, well lets be honest. Normally I get a few reactions. Ok, ok: Normally I sometimes get a reaction from some of my dutch (surf) buddies. They say I´m living the dream and they are slaving their asses off with weeks of no surf in a cold brown overcrowded country.

mr surfguide algarve on a nice avial wave

This would be one of those pictures. But now the world is the different way around. Because the dutch government did not ban surfing at all. And of course the dutch chargers got rewarded by Neptunes and got waves almost every day. 

surf scheveningen

surfers in scheveningen keeping their distance but also keep surfing. 


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