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Meant to be, next to zavial

surfguide algarve jam

Meant to be,

When you do not surf for a longer time do you than start to miss it less? The answer is simple: No. What is kind of true, is that the amount of days after the first week do not really seem to matter that much. Long is long. One week more is just longer. I tried not to get bored. I skated, painted, walked the dog a milion times, worked out, cooked, cleaned, and more. But nothing of all that satisfies the way surfing does. And believe me, I tried. I tried all the above in one day.

surfguide algarve quarantine

surfguide algarve quarantine activity.

surfguide algarve jam

Me and a friend from Argentina Lucas, joined the Jam design challenge with this kickpad. hope we win!! 

D-Day, at the right spot at the right time.

surfguide algarve backside zavial

Surfguide algarve backside attack. 

The morning of the first after quarantine surf I met up with a friend who was for sure as excited to finally get in the ocean again as me.
After a long time out of the water I was a little onshore where to look for. The forecast did not make our lifes much easier. Maybe zavial?
But ones we got to the beach I had chosen we knew we were again at the right spot at the right time. We shared the line up with just one other friend, a girl we know well from around here. The waves about shoulder high, not to powerful but amazing shape. Meant to be.

surfguide algarve stoked

Mr. surfguide algarve STOKE-ED!


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