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Sun´s out logs out at meia praia!

Meia Praia surf check Surfguide Algarve

Meia praia surf,

When meia praia has waves we hear them at night. It is absolutely impossible to tell if it is a head high wave that you hear or a 5cm ankle slap that wont even turn on the smallest surfing midget. What is for sure there is Sudeste swell. How big it will be will be clear the next morning.

Meia Praia surf check Surfguide Algarve

Meia Praia surf check by mr. Surfguide Algarve. Doesn´t look to promising?

Epic surf is different for every surfer,

What is too small for some surfers, might be perfect for others. If the waves are bigger than overhead I call them big. A big wave surfer would just get interested from that size onwards. We like every type of surf. Well, almost every type of surf. Annemarie loves to glide over small clean peeling waves. Meia Praia does this sometimes.

meia praia longboard action

meia praia longboard action. Excuses for the low quality picture. This is actually a screenshot out of the best wave of her session. I cant get it to work to post it on the website.

longboard surf meia praia Lagoshere´s our friend and owner of Coffee & Waves on a little gem some time ago. (by far the best coffee shop in Lagos, and you can even let your board get fixed or buy a new one…) On Meia Praia of course.

mermaid meia praia

Miss Surfguide Algarve as the mermaid off meia praia, including the starfish. Stoked 🙂

Meia Praia beach treasures

Meia Praia beach treasures.

Meia Praia beach treasures,

As one of the only beaches in the Algarve, Meia Praia has a lot of beach treasures. I really would love to know how this works and why this is so please feel free to send me an email or message if you know more of this. We always bring hands full of plastic and other stuff back from the beach. But, as you can see, the sea also has a good way to thank us for our affords. The sea shells on this beach are amazing.

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