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Surfprise at Praia da Luz

praia da luz surfing

Surf time,

Obviously we have a lot of catching up to do. There are many unsurfed waves gone by in the days of the lockdown in Portugal and we try hard to get back in tune with mother ocean. As the surfguiding is still a bit slow without tourists we can totally draw our own plans. In the weekend days of miss. surfguide algarve this usually means we search for smaller waves. But today started more like this:

praia da luz surf
praia da luz surf.

Surprise, no wind!

With a windy rainy forecast we got to Praia da Luz relatively early. I say relative cause in Costa Rica or the Netherlands this would be late, but here in Portugal we were the first to arrive (again.)

praia da luz topturn
praia da luz topturn.

Annemarie got her position on the beach with Piri-Piri and the camera for some surf pictures.  ´and I will try to find some nice left waves.´

praia da luz surfing
praia da luz surfing.


With no people in the water, fun waves and a wind that just did not pick up at all. Another amazing morning. After the surf we got a nice coffee at our friends place at coffee and waves. Plus we got greeted by a nice Praia da Luz local at the carpark. stoked!

praia da luz local
praia da luz local.
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