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Dreamy adventure without waves off the coast from Meia Praia

Surfguide Sup adventure

No waves, no fun?

Here in the Algarve it rarely ever happens that the ocean does not provide any waves. The Algarve being like an island catches swell from almost all directions. This means that the days there are no waves in a year, you can probably count on one hand. The whole of Europe is being hit by an extremely large high pressure system (summer) and also the ocean is very quiet. If you would really want to drive to the other side off the Algarve for a small wave on a longboard it´s possible. But without tourists and so, without surf guiding, I came up with a better plan:

Surfguide Sup adventure

Surfguide Sup adventure.

Friends with benefits,

In time we surrounded ourselves with some beautiful people. Although living in a place like Lagos also means friends come and go all the time, some will be here for the long run. We are very proud to say to be friends with all the different surfshops. Right now our friends from Jahshaka Surfshop have got an awsome thing going on that they ´rent out´ their surfboards for free for the few local people around.

meia praia locals

meia praia locals.

meia praia fishing boat

In the 2 hour paddle I saw just one boat on the ocean…meia praia fishing boat.

meia praia grotto

This is one of the most famous grottos in Lagos. They call it ´the Lovecave´. I have only visited this cave ones before and got almost hit by 12 kanoes while doing so. This adventure was all solo and I can see the true magic off the place. 


If you come for a holiday to the Algarve this Sup is an absolute must-do activity. (on a day when the swell is bad). 


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