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Meia Praia with so many beautiful faces

meia praia surf

Meia Praia, our backyard,

Its so hot you simply can not believe it. Where most people would think ´sweet, the sun is shining, lets go outside´ here its more about planning your physical activities on the most cool moments off the day. And because you can not stay inside the rest off the day Meia Praia beach is usually a good place to go. Happy to write that the tourists are finding their way back to the beach again as well. Although the guiding is still non existing it looks like the Algarve is a lot more busy than it was 2 weeks ago.

meia praia sunset kite
A little surprise session at meia praia, sunset kite. 

Surfs Up!

When we have Levante or as they call it here: Suesht (swell from the south-east) Meia Praia gets waves. These waves are short period waves but poviding fun for every surfer. Its not unusual to see pro´s doing big airs on the waves of Meia Praia, while beginner surfers trying to catch their first green waves at the same time. Same thing today:

meia praia surf car
Waking up at ridiculous o clock so that miss Surfguide could sneak in a few waves before work. 
meia praia surf
The big advantage of being early is this: meia praia surf as good as it gets. Clean, no wind, shoulder to head high waves, and no crowds. Stoked!
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