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Sea you next time Cordoama!

cordoama surfers

Surf cordoama,

It is almost impossible not to become friends with our guests. Some might stay a little short to really connect and call a friend but some do stick around. If it is because of the Corona situation or because they just having the winter of their lives it does not matter. Just before and after the quarantine lockdown we shared many sessions with these guys:

cordoama surfers
A south African raised surfer who lives his life as a captain on a 44ft catamaran with an Argentinian girlfiend (who takes the picture.) Best thing, both with a great sence of humor and always ready to go surfing. 

Algarve surf,

That the forecast is not always accurate is not new. But our new friend really had a lot of bad luck on his solo missions. Got onshore while it was ment to be off. drove the whole Algarve twice.

cordoama onshore surfer
I think you can have a lot of fun in onshore waves too: cordoama onshore surfer (surfguide algarve.)

Last session

It is always good to finish with a bang. But you cant control nature… So to get offshore shoulder high waves with just a few guys out as the last surf was amazing.

cordoama left
cordoama left

When the conditions are like this you just have to give it everything you have got. Super stoked to have some pictures to back up this story.

cordoama offshore
cordoama offshore.


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