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Amado summer surf

amado surf

Summer surf,

What do you imagine with these words? In the Algarve it does not really mean much goods to be honest. Surf in summer is usually hiding for the wind and smaller period swell. Does that mean it can not be fun? Hell no, it can be awsome! Especially when we can share our stoke with our first real guest (after the covid lockdown.)

amado stoked
Surf girl in amado, stoked to go in to get some fun small waves. 
amado small wave
amado small wave.

Because it is to much fun to surf only the ´good´ days.

For some reason many surfers do not surf when the waves are ´bad´. But I have yet to have my first ´bad surf´! When you go surfing with small expectations I get stoked from any wave. And usually the waves are way much more fun than it looked from the shore.
Of course there are other things you can do when it is blowing 25 knots. I like to do those things also;

not amado
not amado…

But life is complicated enough and we prefer the surf without the kite, lines, and especially wind. Here in the Algarve we are blessed with surfable waves about 360 days a year. (as long as you have the right mindset.) It can be small, big, muchy, windy, big, hollow, whatever, but its not the surf that makes a fun session. Its you. So now the beaches are still quiet we enjoy all of that even a little bit more than normal. Please write me an email or send a whatsapp if you are planning to come. big shaka: Surfguide Algarve

amado surf
amado surf
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