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With a little (bad) luck you end up in Arrifana

arrifana softtop action

Summer surf,

Although there are hardly any tourists around in Portugal, the summer is starting in the Algarve. The epic swell from last week feels very far away. Now the forecast says a lot of wind and small swells. Does this mean you can´t have fun? Of course not! We are stoked no matter what conditions we surf in. And let me tell you a little secret; We always find the best waves…

surfguide Algarve, does it again…

(bad) Luck,

It doesn´t always go according to plan. As I entered the water (first) in front of my surfguide guest, I hit a rock and broke my fin. (no damage on the surfboard, but no surf for me.) My guest not 100% comfortable going all alone (thats also why you book a guide right?) So plan-B got in action:

Arrifana summer waves

The beach of Arrifana is a small drive and always provides.

arrifana softtop action
Softtop action in Arrifana.
arrifana summer surf
arrifana summer surf

arrifana surf gromm
arrifana surf gromm, I guess when you´re 1ft tall a knee-high wave is head high! Stoked
arrifana surf style
Surf in style. In small waves you can get creative! Super fun morning with some great pictures for the memory book and for you to share, Big shaka.
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