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Private guiding & private surf in Bordeira,

bordeira surf beach

Private Surfguide,

Even before the whole covid-corona situation started we always prefer to guide private, the reason is simple. Every person is different and this also goes for the surfing, where the one likes big surf the other prefers small waves. Even if the levels on paper seem to match, in reality everyone wants something slightly different. To answer as good as possible to the request of the guest its by far the easiest to just surfguide one or two persons (if they are friends or a couple.)

bordeira beach
bordeira beach all for ourselves with epic little lines rolling in. 

Bordeira swell magnet,

That bordeira faces north and attracts a lot of swell is no secret, when (not) to go there is. When you walk down the boardwalk it is impossible to tell the size off the waves but you will be able to tell if there´s surf.

bordeira surf
bordeira surf, for the more experienced surfers you can sometimes get super lucky in front of the rocks…
bordeira algarve portugal
Celebration mode, super stoked after surf at bordeira algarve portugal. 
bordeira surf beach
And one more because pics tell more than a lot of words…bordeira surf beach



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