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Zavial point on fire with 3 guys out in summer…

zavial surf backhand

Zavial surf,

Zavial will always be one of our favorite surf spots ever. Honestly this place can be so fun sometimes. Of course the stars all need to be  aligned and if the swell is a little bit to much angled or whatever it gets tricky as hell… But that also makes it fun.
Although it feels like tourism is slowly trying to make a comeback the beaches are still empty. It is so strange to arrive on a spot like zavial knowing the waves will be at least ok- and only find a few other cars parked.

zavial surf backhand
zavial surf backhand surfer: no one less than mr. Hostel on the Hill – or in the streets known as Martijn. 

The wind offshore, only a few guys out. After a short trip to the Netherlands this looked like the perfect recipe for an epic welcome back surf. Honestly sometimes it looks better than it really is. I paddle out, get a huge set on my head, hoping for the best, but all it does is closing out. ´A close out is just a really fast wave´ jeah-jeah I know but not when you just returned from a week of not surfing and just want a few fun waves.

Point Break

Many times patience is being rewarded, as is the case today. After a long very frustrating session on the beach the point break start to show signs of waves. At the same time my buddy enters the water and we paddle together to the point. This place feels so natural to me that I catched some great waves from the start.

zavial surf
Surfguide Algarve trying to find barrels that are not really there – zavial surf.
zavial small wave
Martijn on a zavial small wave shredding on his backhand. 
zavial surfer
You decide if he makes this or not 🙂 One thing is for sure, the new boar looks good. Stoked!!!
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