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Castalejo surf surprise,

castalejo surfer

Castalejo surf,

It is almost always a good idea to check the miradouro on top of castalejo and cordoama.

castelejo & cordoama from top

This is castelejo & cordoama from top. You might not be able exactly how big the waves are (with a little trained eye you can). But you can see if the waves are messy or not, where is a good peak, where is a good place to paddle out. And as a bonus a spectacular view of the algarve coastline. 

Surf surprise,

When you find a place on fire like this it feels like getting a present. Super stoked we surfed until our arms fell off.

castalejo surfer

castalejo surfer mr. surfguide algarve. The surf photographer is one of our friends over here who goes under the name RastaBake. Aways good to have some proove, even if its not a spectacular move. 

Its a strange summer anyway so the find the ocean without wind like this is almost not surprising. But actually its very rare the waves are this glassy in summer.

castalejo surf

This surf picture is shot by our friend Tristan- Portugal surfshots. We can call him anytime you want sick photos like this off your surf guide session. Like this one in Castalejo.

castalejo surfer

Unfortunately we can not promise you surf like this when you book a session with us. But we promise we will find the best waves on that day for your level. Trust me on my blue eye 😉 

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