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Summer waves in Amado with no one out,

surfguide guest amado

Summer surf in Algarve,

If you book your surf Holiday to the Algarve Portugal, chance is big you will not come in summer. The prices are a bit higher, the waves usually a bit less frequent and there are a lot off regular tourists that seem to be perfectly fine to get torched by the sun. This summer is a lot different. Thanks to the pandemic, the tourist season is only slowly taking of now.

amado surf beach

Amado surf beach, normally in the first days off july it would be absolutely jammed with tourists, surfers, swimmers, now you can count the surfers on one hand. And our surf dog piri-piri of course. 

Summer waves,

The wind is on, the swell is small, good to hide a little bit on one of the beaches like amado, where the wind does not really come in and if you are at the right time you get some super fun waves. Like our guest the other morning:

surfguide guest amado

surfguide guest amado.

amado surf

Mr. surfguide algarve himself trying to find his ritm on his new surfboard, amado surf.

after surf lunch algarve

From all that excitement we get hungry! Here is an after surf lunch in one of algarve best restaurants: Guli. So stoked our guest took us here…

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