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Epic surf in Castalejo for the lucky few

castalejo beach from top

Lucky few surfers,

Honestly castalejo hardly ever gets crowded. The surfers that go there usually know how to surf and there are only a few surf schools that teach here. The beach is facing quite north and that also being predominant wind direction its very quickly a little choppy. Obviously when you know when to go there it can get good, really good even.

castalejo beach from top
You can see the swell lines rolling in, castalejo beach from top is always a magic view. Our surfguide guest taking photos to make the people at home jealous. 
castalejo surf swell
Castalejo surf swell, You like to go right? I think we found a good peak! Lets go surf! 

Lucky shots,

With the few surfers around right now with the COVID regulations making it impossible for many to travel and scary for others… We surfers are one of the only ones who also see the upside of that. The beaches and waves are much more quiet than normal around this time of year.

castalejo clean surf
Very clean surf at Castalejo. shot by Rastabake aka Nick
surf couple
surf couple – Mr. and Mss Surfguide Algarve on the way to surf 2 in Merlot the red Renault 4, the álmost ultimate surfcar. (the ultimate surfcar would have airco and a 5ft gear…and maybe an airbag.) (and a radio.)
castalejo surf photo
castalejo surf photo – shot by Portugalsurfshots. stoked with this angle. 
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