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Surf summer waves in Tonel

tonel surf girl

Surf Tonel,

That Tonel has many faces we know by now. It can be the most epic spot for pro´s only with big stand up barrels. But sometimes it can be a super fun playground for all kinds of surfers. Small waves with no wind and of course a lot of sunshine. (That last bit is normal but I guess most off the readers are not currently in the Algarve.)

tonel surf girl
Our friend and local photographer doing what he does best: capturing the moment like a pro. 

tonel small surf
tonel small surf. When the surf is small you can work better on your technique and catch many waves. Too bad I keep making the same mistakes over and over again…
tonel surf girl slide
That said: The best surfer is the one having most fun right? here is my guest sliding down on a wave and having the time of her life. (honestly she got some great waves standing up too but those are not on picture of course. 

Small surf big fun,

If you dont need a lesson and are on the level that you can practice by yourself. Know and respect the rules, you can come surfguiding with me. I will off course explain all the ins and outs off the beach. And also I will choose the beach that is best fitted for your level. If you want we can call tristan to shoot some pictures from your session. sometimes he is just there and he will sell them for a very fair price.

tonel surf photo
tonel surf photo
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