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Meia Praia summer surf in shorts!

meia praia longboard wave

Meia Praia surf,

When you are lucky and you are in the Algarve in summer you might get some swell from the south. Or as the locals call this: Sueshte. (not sure if i spell it correct but thats kind of how you pronounce it. It means swell generated from the south-east. The waves usually are very nice and gentle and fun for every kind of surfer. The foto´s in this post are taken on day 3 but the day before there were some guys doing propper airs. Obviously the surfguide crew was too busy surfing and not taking photos while this was going on.

meia praia small swell
meia praia small swell. But who would not like to wake up like this? The only surfer out on the point, perfect small waves. 
lagos surf
Lagos surf. Miss surfguide Algarve very stoked with conditions like this. 
lagos surf boardshort
Lagos surf boardshort.

Hot water,

Here in the Algarve, and actually in the whole off Portugal we use a wetsuit all year round. Actually most would agree that you can surf a 4/3 all year round. Buy it just before winter so it is in good condition and gets a little worn out as summer arrives. Perfect strategy. (If you surf every day like us, a wetsuit will last you just one year).
But in the south swell days we can surf without a wetsuit! imagining ourselves just a little tropical surf for a few days.

meia praia summer surf
The ultimate Meia Praia summer surf, a few surfers in the water and the beach full with sun bathing tourists. Honestly these days its really not busy at all because of the pandemie but that does not change our fun in the water.
meia praia longboard wave
Perfect longboard wave in Meia Praia with miss Surfguide Algarve stylin her way to the beach. 
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