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Classic summer surf in amado

surf amado

Windy summer days,

Wind is good for waves, especially really far away out on the open ocean. The more the better, and if possible a few days in a row too. Than when we are talking about local wind, wind can be good too. Like a soft breeze of offshore wind, just enough to groom the waves and making it super glassy. And when the wave is about to break you see that beautiful spray with rainbows. Dream on, although its howling offshore on the south coast you will not find a wave there any time soon. And that makes it onshore on the west coast in amado.

amado surfing

But that doesn’t really change anything, cause onshore is the new offshore right? amado surfing.

surf amado

Here is (pregnant) miss surfguide algarve surfing a beautiful summer wave on her foamy at amado.

happy surfguide guest

Can you put a price on this stoked smile? happy surfguide guest.

amado good summer surfer

One more click because good surfing never gets old. amado good summer surfer.

team surfguide algarve

Team surfguide algarve. 

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