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Arrifana summer surf madness.

glassy arrifana surf

Arrifana surf,

Without a doubt, if you rent a surfboard anywhere in the Algarve and you ask where you should go, they will tell you to go to Arrifana. If you take surfing lessons with one of the older schools, you will high likely visit Arrifana. (the older schools have priority over younger ones so that not every 43 schools teach at the same spot at the same time.) And if you book a surfguide it even happens sometimes that we end up in Arrifana. It is not our favorite spot but every now and then when we haven´t visited the beach for a long time, and all directions point to this spot, we do not mind to go. Actually, its really fun to go. We meet many friends, and there is always a lot to see. O yeah and the waves can be super fun too.

arrifana surf beach view
arrifana surf beach view when we arrived pretty early when most of the Algarve was still asleep. Always stoked to see this view. 

Surfing fun for everyone,

Because of the unique location of the beach it is safe to say that you will see any level of surfing going on in Arrifana, at the same time. It is pretty crazy to think that you share the ocean with the very best if you have never surfed before. Imagine this: You have never ever been on a wintersport holiday, and the first time you take a class you are on the same slope as the best skiers and snowboarders of the country. Now also imagine that this slope is not a constant white thing that you slide off, but actually its a chunk of moving salt water that you want to slide off. Well that´s kind of what surfing is, but lucky us it is a lot warmer and you need a lot less equipement.

arrifana beginners and pro
arrifana beginners and pro. (Beginners are under the supervision of our friend Aldo, if you read this and need lessons, he´s a super good surf instructor.) 
arrifana fishing boat
It´s not just surfing here in arrifana, fishing boat coming in with some fresh fish for all the hungry surfers this afternoon. 
glassy arrifana surf
Early worm catches the wave: glassy arrifana surf.

After a nice long session it got too busy for my liking and I untied Piri-Piri the surfdog from his (surf)leash and made some pics.

arrifana beach
So apparently there are quite a lot of people around and apparently they all own a surfboard and apparently they all want to go to arrifana beach at the same time. 
arrifana busy surf
And I also think that no one really cares about the 1.5 meter distance rule or social space for that matter, PARTYWAVE!!! arrifana busy surf.
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