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amado early bird catches the wave,

amado good surfer

Amado again,

Don´t be mistaken, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a surf in amado. In fact, most of the times it is super fun out there. But at Surfguide Algarve we like to change the beaches as often as possible and if you have surfed amado for the last 2 days than the drive becomes a little annoying. Not super annoying as we currently drive in a super deluxe rental car, but still, its kind of as far away as you can possibly go from Lagos. But we do everything for a good surf and if this is what we have to do, we set our alarms a little bit more early to be sure we´ll be those early birds. (even though we already drove for 45 minutes.)

early bird

So here it is; the one and only réal early bird. 

Surfprise surf,

One thing about the forecast and expectations. If you have read this blog more often than you kind of know what is coming. If the forecast shows that the surf is going to be good the expectations go up and we usually get a little disappointed. (our guest has a beautiful saying out of the higher ranks of the coaching industry:´ Expectations- reality equals frustration´ The other way around is o-so true o-so many times too. So often we have been driving down the beach with very low expectations and getting super stoked from what we find.

amado summer surf

And this is what we got this morning. Two surfers in the water, amado summer surf. Is he going for the double up…?

amado surf check

amado surf check. Waxing your board and checking the waves is always a hard thing to do. 

The next few pics are taken after our session when our arms absolutely fell off and we had to give space to the guys who slept in and got there late:

amado backside

amado backside

amado frontside

amado frontside

amado good surfer

Whatever this dude has for breakfast, I want it too: amado good surfer

amado good surfer 2

same turn, next split second. amado good surfer. Tomorrow we´ll probably surf another beach but for today really stoked with the result!


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