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Cordoama private surf (guide) session

cordoama beach

Private surf session,

There are times that you are in the water with nothing around you than just a lot of salt water, a beach not all to far away and that´s it. No other people, no distraction, just you and mother nature. You would imagine this does not happen very often in August – peak tourist season in portugal and especially in the Algarve. But for some unknown reason when we got to the beach we had it all to ourselves.

castalejo cordoama view
No one…incredible cordoama view. can you tell where we surfed?

No beginner session,

cordoama beach
First time surfing at cordoama beach for our swedish friend. Who usually surfs the super cold waters of sweden and is used to a fair bit of paddling.

For obvious reasons we can not take beginners out in the first place with surfguide algarve. But on days like these it´s extra important that the surfguide guests have a good level of surfing. On this session we had to paddle a lot to stay in position over the reef that we were surfing on. The waves about head high and once in the correct spot you got rewarded with super long right hand waves.

surf cordoama
Going for the last turn…surf cordoama
surfdog cordoama
surfdog piri-piri, technically piri is not really a surf dog. He is super afraid of waves actually. (this might have something to do with the fact he got hammered by a shorebreak wave when he tried to follow his human when he tried to go surf in zavial when he was a few weeks old). But Piri is the best guard for all our stuff on the beach. We usually put him on the leash when we are out surfing. stoked little piri.
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