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surfguide private sessions, bordeira edition

surfer bordeira

Private surfguide,

It´s all about you. Tupac said it before, and we say it again. When you book a private surfguide session we will pick the waves best for your surf level and just surf as long as you want. Obviously we can not guarantee that we will be the only ones on the beach. But at times we get extra lucky. Even when its summer in the Algarve.

bordeira beach board walk

Walking down the bordeira beach boardwalk stoked to see the fun looking waves and just not a single soul on the beach (or in the water.)

First ones out,

With this forecast for us it was pretty clear where to go. Our guiding guest with a pretty quick rental car and a pretty heavy right foot got us to the beach very fast. Ones at the spot, sun shining, fun waves rolling in: perfect start of the day.

bordeira beach surfer

bordeira beach surfer – first one out! A easy paddle out with a nice little channel and fun (mainly right) waves coming in.bordeira small but fun

bordeira small but fun.The whole session we surfed just together. As the morning chill makes place for the summer heat, that is usually the time most other beach tourists enter the beach. Our arms already spaghettitourists by this time, stoked to share this fun session with just us and the ocean.

surfer bordeira

happy surfer bordeira

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