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Exciting times in our new backyard; Castelejo,

surfguide castalejo surf fish

Surfguide mission,

The first time surfing with a new guest is always exciting. It is always a surprise how someone actually surfs. The one is super honest and tells exactly what his or her level is. But what does Intermediate mean? Algarve is very often not very easy to surf.  And if someone says he surfed quite a bit when he was younger, and surfed last year a bit on a longboard. What do you expect? Well to be fair, I do not expect much if a request like this comes in. But this guy shows you can never really tell until you´re in the water. He rips.

surfguide castalejo surf fish

Surfguide castelejo surf fish.

castalejo beach misty

My poor photography skills do not really justify the beauty of castelejo beach being super mysteriously misty. 

Superstylin the 7´10 malibu,

This dude surfs anything that floats. And as it turns out, he surfs it super good. The first session with small waves I had a hard time with my shortboard. Our guest just flying on the malibu and enjoying every single wave. The swell picks up and its time for some more challenging waves. He still ops to take the malibu out and just duckdives the boat right in front of me!

castalejo surfing

On the last day he grabbed a 6´0 thruster set up fish that we got for our guests and shows what castelejo surfing is about. After a good few hours of surf I got out. First I made sure he catched at least a few more so I have something to blog about. 

castelejo surf turn

This is how you turn, textbook style. 

surfguide guest stoked

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