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Bordeira surf, clean as butter

bordeira a frama wave

Bordeira surf,

Not everyday we take the drive to Bordeira. Funny enough, hardly anyone seems to do so. It is very rare to see this place very crowded. Even if the waves are super good. With a little local knowledge about tides, sandbanks etc. you can get really lucky. Scoring good waves with little people is kind of the wet dream of every surfer right?

bordeira a frama wave
Or left 😉 bordeira a frame wave.

No wind, with a touch of offshore…

Clean he says. So clean you can literally see yourself in the reflection of the wave. It does takes some getting used to cause you can also see all the rocks underneath you. But ones you just focus on the waves and not on the things you should not look at… It is epic.

offshore waves bordeira
offshore waves bordeira.
bordeira swell lines
Stoked to see the swell lines rolling around the corner while getting ready to surf!
surfdog starbucks
surfdog starbucks… Not sure how this cup ended up in my surf bag. Miss surfguide started to drink coffee since very recent and I suspect she has something to do with this cup of ´latte machiatto ice chocolate milk´ but: No surf without a coffee before! Right piri?
surfer bordeira beach
First ones out! Our surfguide algarve guest getting ready on bordeira beach.
bordeira surf left
One to close the story… bordeira surf left
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