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Small wave request, porto de mos is the answer!

porto de mos surfers surfguide

You can´t predict the weather,

The first swell of the winter. Yeah of course, first I want to see it before I will believe any of it. But to be fair, it is ticking all the boxes to be like that. The swell is already massive (4 meter and 9 seconds.) And the waves are pretty big too:

surfguide big wave

surfguide on a big wave. This wave we found on a big wave sightseeing drive around yesterday after surfing some ´normal size´ waves. 

Today we have 18-19 seconds with almost 3 meter swell. That´s nothing short of a small tsunami. We can actually hear the waves in our house in Vila do bispo. But exactly at that moment we have a few guests from germany and swiss that specifically request some smaller conditions. So instead of driving from Lagos to the west. We now drive from the west of the Algarve to Lagos.

porto de mos surfers surfguide

porto de mos surfers on a mission. 

small wave fun,

Smaller waves is what we get!

porto de mos surfer

No this porto de mos surfer is not Kelly the slater, its actually our surfguide guest pushing the speedbutton on his brand new Libtech surfboard. Stoked!

porto de mos grottos

Some after surf fun on the porto de mos grottos. A coffee and a pastel de nata at our friends place Rachel (Sunrays. Highly recommended.) And another super fun mission compleet. 


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