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Celebrating amado surf,

surfguide algarve amado

Amado in the start of autumn,

The summer is behind us. And what a summer it was. Covid, very uncertain times, a two month period of no-surf at all. And the world is not still not spinning on her regular speed. Tourism here in the Algarve is pretty good actually. Especially when you compare it to the other countries where not a single tourist is allowed. But its for sure not half as busy as ´normal´. But if you find a line up with half the ´normal´crowd, that must be a good thing, right?

boardwalk amado
boardwalk amado with not a single person in sight.

No wind, is good surf,

What, but you need wind to get waves? Yeah, correct. To be fair, you need a big storm actually. The bigger the better. But you need one far away. And than, on the spot where we unload the luxery rental cars with 2pac screaming out the speakers, we want 0 wind.

amado off the lip
Don´t you love it when it looks like there is no horizon? Here´s a nice end section, amado off the lip.
amado surfer
same surfer same wave. I might have mixed up the order of the 2 shots.
surfguide algarve amado
And here is mr. surfguide algarve flaring his new wetsuit in amado. 

stoked with the adventure and mega tired of a few too many ´last waves´ we finish the morning in style with a cup of coffee and check the forecast for the next session.

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