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Paddle off the Fittest in cordoama,

cordoama swell

Paddle fit,

There is no gym or swimming pool that can truly get you ready for a good heavy surf. Especially one like this in the Algarve where there are mainly beach breaks. Add a good size swell and a not very large period and you have the recipe for the workout of your holiday. Or not holiday, depends who´s reading this. The good thing about this. Not many people are willing or capable to take on this battle and you have got the ocean more or less for yourself.

cordoama empty beach

cordoama empty beach. 

cordoama swell

Jetski assist anyone? cordoama swell lines. 

Reward? Good waves.

Once you make it out, the reward is there waiting for you. First off all, congratulations if you made it out. Now get a few deep breaths before you stroke yourself in the next set and do it all over again. Obviously there are beaches with some more protection. But on a sunday with a lot of surf-tourists that have fled their covid infected countries to the sunny Algarve, we opting for the more empty option. And willing to work for it.

backside surfing cordoama

backside surfing by our surfguide guest at cordoama.

surfing mini nazare in cordoama

surfing mini nazare in cordoama. These pics are taken from a pretty high cliff. This does not add to the justice of these big waves cause they are actually pretty sizy. Super stoked with the waves we got and obviously feeling more worked out than ever. A perfect start of the sunny day here in Portugal 


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