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Epic day of surf in cordoama,

epic wave cordoama algarve

Epic surf,

The story starts here. We get a request from a canadian dude who spend the last 6 months in Hawaii and is now in Europe. In Peniche and ericeira region to be exact. He writes us on Instagram. (Very cool to see that this medium actually is useful other than just a good spot to share the best foto of the day.) His message is pretty clear. He can surf but wants to get barreled.

empty perfect wave cordoama
And the recipe is simple, all you need is a empty perfect wave, like this one in cordoama. 

Good forecast is high expectations.

Honestly, I love this kind of request. I explain that the conditions here are very often not as epic as maybe in ericeira and peniche. But, if it all comes together- at times- you can score super fun waves with not many people around. If you know where to go. (and get a little lucky.)
The forecast looks amazing and we got our barrel hunter down to the algarve in time.

robbie left hand wave cordoama
Here is our guest on a left hand wave cordoama.
right hand wave cordoama surfguide algarve
right hand wave cordoama surfguide algarve. A super good friend of us taking a nice right. (this guy once started surfguiding with us, bought a house and stayed for ever.)

The tricky part about such a good forecast is often that the expectations are to high. And with that there comes frustration. The other way around is often true as well. With a shitty forecast you can have the most fun sessions. But this same session will feel like shit if you got promised super good waves.

epic wave cordoama algarve
epic wave cordoama algarve.
surfguide algarve guest cordoama stoked
surfguide algarve guest cordoama stoked. I think he got inside a barrel. If he got out we´ll leave you guessing. 😉 
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