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Surfing the rain dance in Bordeira

bordeira epic clean surf

Offshore surf,

When you rock up on the beach car park and you see this. You know it is a good day.

bordeira epic clean surf
bordeira epic clean surf. The Algarve is changing seasons. The big swells are coming and there are weird things floating in the sky. Most call them clouds. They also make sunrises beautiful and they say that, at times, they can even create a thing called rain. If you read this blog from england or some other northern Europian country you´ll know what I am talking about. But I guess you will not be as excited to see it coming as we are.
surfguide guest bordeira small wave
Honestly this wave does not do the session much justice. In the sets its was easy head high. Anyway, this was the shot I got from my guest as his last wave and we just got to work with this. Surfguide guest bordeira small wave. Still a nice turn. 


Making it Rain.

ripper bordeira backside turn surfing
To be honest I am not sure who this is. But its a nice guy and he RIPS. Showing us all how to make it rain. offshore wind helping a little but really, this guy is a pleasure to watch surfing. 

Excited to see what is coming over the next days with a lot of big waves and wind. I am pretty confident we will find some place to surf. Like we always do. If you havent already. Book your spot for winter now. The surfguiding only takes limited spaces and would be a bummer if you miss out.

bordeira surf beach algarve
Stoked, after surf vibes at bordeira surf beach algarve.
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