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Small wave search in Sagres with the Girl squad.

stoked surfgirl sagres


For some reason the surf guiding attracts mostly dudes. Obvious, you might think. There are probably more surfing-men than women. True, I guess. But when I see a surf school or think back on the glory days of my days as a surf instructor. They have at least 70% girls – all the time! Now these girls come to make a little difference.

surfgirls sagres
surfgirls sagres. looking out over Tonel beach after a small wave session just around the corner. 

Small waves please?

In the Algarve there´s often a few choices where to surf. On a surfguide mission to get some smaller waves to start with. As the german girls dont get much practice back home this is a good start of their surf holiday.

small wave sagres
We start usually pretty on time to make sure we get the best out of the small waves. Sagres does offer waves for all levels but you really have to know when, where to go. stoked surfgirl sagres

stoked surfgirl on the beach at sagres. I guess surfing is a lot more than just standing on a few hundred tons of salt water for a few seconds. The sun, cliffs and amazing surrounding of Sagres definitely add to the experience.And if the surfguide and his lady come rocking up in this: That also adds to the experience.

surfcar sagres
surfcar sagres. 
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