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Offshore perfect surf around the corner from zavial

surfguide algarve guest surfing left

Offshore party,

With the Covid crisis still in full swing it seems weird the Algarve is so busy with surfers. At the same time, you can imagine that this is probably the only destination for surfers to go. All other possible surfspots are locked down (again.) We just hope we will not be next. So we have to deal with a few more surfers in the region. That´s oké. Especially if you booked your surfguide far enough in advance 😉

surfcheck algarve
Surfguide surfcheck somewhere in the algarve. 

Perfect waves,

Nazare is firing like crazy. Thousands of surfers make their journeys to see the biggest waves of the world breaking. Just a few are skilled (and crazy) enough to handle this kind of conditions. For the rest of us a shoulder to head high wave is just perfect. Azul blue water. Sunshine. A little breeze offshore wind. A handful of people in the line up. Something like this:

offshore wave algarve
Perfect little offshore wave algarve. With one of our friends on his twin fin surfboard going for a bottom turn. 
surfing algarve offshore
surfing algarve offshore – headhigh in the sets. 
surfguide algarve guest surfing left
Tired of going right? Surfguide algarve guest surfing left…

These mornings are just a dream. Just a few people out. Mainly friends and mellow vibes and more than enough waves for everyone. More waves like these please!

surfgirl algarve
Our friend closing this surfy story in style. Stoked!
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